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LEDBlinky v8.2.1 - Arcade LED Control Software and Animation Editor

License Agreement
Readme (Includes Version History)

How to install:

Download and run the latest LEDBlinky Setup (above). If your front-end software is MaLa, GameEx, PinballX, or AtomicFE, then install LEDBlinky into the front-end \plugins folder and select the relevant front-end plug-in from the installation wizard Compentents list. Otherwise you may install LEDBlinky into any folder.

How to upgrade:

Download and run the latest LEDBlinky Setup (above). The installation folder must match your current \LEDBlinky folder. Only updated files will be installed and your existing configuration will not be altered.

Note: If you are currently running a version of LEDBlinky older than version 3.7.3, you'll need to do a complete re-insallation (install into a new folder). Please do not upgrade.
Note: If your front-end is LaunchBox or BigBox, do not install LEDBlinky into the \plugins folder.

Individual support files:
Controls.ini (v0.141.1)
Controls.xml (v0.141.1) Note: This file is not used by LEDBlinky.